Text 3 Apr 5 notes Leadership Currents

Life is fast paced and constant like the strong current of the river. Water rushes down the river’s path with a strong force behind it, leading it towards its goal to meet the larger body of water at the end of its stream.

Along its path, the river will face obstacles that delay its natural process of reaching the river’s end. A rock. A broken log. A beaver dam. When the water meets these obstacles it has two choices: it can stop and chose to become stagnant, or it can figure out a way around the obstacle it faces and continue the journey to meet its goal.

Active leadership is no different from the active life of a river. A leader is guaranteed to run into many obstacles along her path that will try to deter her from reaching her leadership goals. Like the river, she too will have two choices when she meets her obstacles. She can give up, or she can accept the challenge and find an adaptive solution around it. If she is a great leader, she wills search for the solution that will allow her to continue on her journey to reach something much greater than she is.

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